Apple Themed Books for Kids: Top Picks for Young Readers

Apples are a beloved fruit for many and often serve as a symbol of learning and growth. This makes apple-themed books an ideal resource for young homeschooled children, combining their natural curiosity and love for learning with delightful stories centered around this versatile fruit.

These apple-themed books introduce a range of subjects, from science and nutrition to friendship and storytelling, providing a well-rounded educational experience for the little ones.

Reading holds an important place in a homeschooling curriculum, and it is essential to choose books that align with your child’s interests and learning goals. Apple-themed books not only nurture imagination but also offer valuable lessons and information that are important for young children. By selecting age-appropriate and engaging books, you can create an enjoyable and impactful homeschooling environment for your kids.

When choosing apple-themed books for your young homeschooled kids, some critical factors to consider include the complexity of the language, illustrations, educational value, and overall message or theme of the book. These elements should be aligned with your child’s age group, comprehension levels, and individual interests to ensure a positive and enriching reading experience.

After evaluating the crucial factors, we invested hours researching and analyzing various apple-themed books to compile a list of titles that cater to young homeschooled kids with diverse needs and preferences. Read on to discover the best apple-themed books that will make learning a fun and fruitful adventure for your children.

Best Apple Themed Books for Young Homeschooled Kids

Dive into the world of apples with this fantastic selection of apple themed books, specially curated for young homeschooled kids like yours. Prepare to cultivate your child’s love for reading with the list of best products provided below.

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship

A heartwarming story perfect for homeschoolers to learn about friendship and overcoming differences.


  • Engaging storyline
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Deals with important themes


  • Simplistic plot
  • Limited character depth
  • May require additional discussion for bullying concept

As a parent, you’ll find “Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship” to be a touching story for your young homeschoolers. The book follows the journey of a friendly apple named Mac who befriends a quirky worm named Will, despite their differences. This delightful tale can captivate readers between the ages of 3 to 6 years and encourages camaraderie.

One noteworthy aspect of this book is its appealing illustrations that add depth to the story. The imagery captures the essence of the characters’ emotions and actions, making it easier for your kids to understand the plot and empathize with the protagonists. The beautifully drawn scenes will capture the imagination of your kids and keep them engaged throughout the book.

The most significant selling point of “Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship” is the important themes it deals with, such as friendship, acceptance, and tolerance. As your children read this book, they’ll learn that friendships can form between the most unlikely characters and that being different shouldn’t be a barrier to forming bonds. This lesson is especially crucial for homeschooled children, who may not be exposed to diverse social situations as frequently as their peers in traditional schooling.

However, the book does have a few drawbacks. Its plot is relatively simple, and the characters don’t delve too deep, so older children may not find it as interesting. Additionally, while the story touches upon the concept of bullying, it may require further conversation with your kids to fully grasp the importance of standing up against such behavior.

In conclusion, “Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship” is a charming read that homeschooling families with young kids can enjoy together. Its engaging storyline, vivid illustrations, and significant themes make it a valuable addition to your homeschooling library. Just be prepared to facilitate deeper discussions around the topic of bullying and acceptance.

An Apple’s Life (Watch It Grow)

An excellent educational book for young homeschoolers to learn about the life cycle of an apple.


  • Engaging photos and illustrations
  • Clear and simple language
  • Interactive and educational


  • Maybe too simple for older kids
  • Limited to one narrow topic
  • Only available in paperback

As a homeschooling parent, you’ll find “An Apple’s Life (Watch It Grow)” to be a valuable resource in teaching your young child about the life cycle of an apple. The vivid and colorful illustrations in the book capture your child’s attention, while the simple language makes it easy for them to comprehend the content.

The interactive aspect of the book encourages your child to engage with the material, which is especially beneficial for kids ages 4 to 6. As they read or listen to the story, they’ll gain a better understanding of how apples grow and develop through the different stages of their life cycle.

However, keep in mind that this book may be too simple for older children who have already been introduced to the topic. It might also be a bit too narrow in focus if you’re looking for a more comprehensive resource covering various aspects of nature or gardening. That being said, “An Apple’s Life (Watch It Grow)” still stands out as a delightful and informative read for young homeschoolers eager to learn about the world around them.

Apples for Everyone (Picture the Seasons)

A delightful and informative apple-themed book for young homeschooled kids to explore and learn about apples.


  • Beautiful photographs and illustrations
  • Detailed information on apple production
  • Engaging for children aged 3-6 years


  • Might not engage younger children without supervision
  • Only 16 pages long
  • More suited for ages 3-6 years

Introducing your homeschooled kids to “Apples for Everyone,” you’ll notice their eyes light up as they see the vibrant and detailed photographs that capture the journey of apples, from blossoms to market. The subtle humor in some of the text will not only engage you but during your reading sessions, you will also have a little chuckle with your child.

As you dive deeper into this National Geographic gem, it becomes clear how much effort has been put into showcasing apple production in a way that young, inquisitive minds can grasp. Although the book has only 16 pages, it packs a punch in terms of information, making it a great choice for your apple-themed homeschooling unit.

However, you might find that this book is more suitable for kids aged 3-6 years, and you’ll likely have to read it to younger children. While some other National Geographic books are great for independent reading, “Apples for Everyone” can still serve as an engaging and cherished time together.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a visually captivating and informative book for young homeschooled kids to read about apples, “Apples for Everyone (Picture the Seasons)” is a great addition to your collection. Though it might be best suited for ages 3-6 years and requires some supervision for the younger ones, it provides an enjoyable and educational experience for both you and your child.

Apples, Apples Everywhere!: Learning About Apple Harvests (Autumn)

A delightful and educational read for young homeschooled children curious about apple harvests.


  • Engaging illustrations
  • Educational content
  • Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years


  • Limited color palette
  • Not about apple tree life cycle
  • More story-like than factual

Apples, Apples Everywhere!: Learning About Apple Harvests (Autumn) wonderfully introduces young kids to the world of apple harvests. The simple language and engaging illustrations make it a favorite among preschoolers and early elementary students. You will appreciate the age-appropriate content that is informative and enjoyable for your young homeschooled child.

The book is focused on the apple harvest season and offers a charming fictional narrative. However, if you’re looking for a detailed explanation of apple tree life cycles, this may not be the best choice. Despite this, the story provides excellent opportunities for discussions and learning about apples, their uses, and their importance in our world.

One aspect that may not appeal to all readers is the limited color palette used in the illustrations. Although some find it dull, many still appreciate how the pictures capture the essence of autumn. Overall, Apples, Apples Everywhere!: Learning About Apple Harvests (Autumn) is an enjoyable educational tool, perfect for any young homeschooled child curious about the world of apples and their harvest.

Applesauce Day

A heartwarming read that shares the joy of a family’s applesauce-making tradition, perfect for young homeschooled kids.


  • Engaging story for ages 4-8
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Teaches a fun family activity


  • Limited educational content
  • Might not appeal to older kids
  • Only available in hardcover

Diving into the world of Applesauce Day, you’ll discover a charming story of a family coming together to create something delicious. The delightful illustrations truly bring the story to life, making this book feel like an enjoyable treasure for both you and your kids.

While the storyline may not be overly educational, it introduces an exciting bonding experience for families as they take part in this age-old tradition. This aspect will resonate with you and provide a unique opportunity to create a similar experience for your little ones, teaching them the value of quality time spent together.

The book might not have a broad appeal to all age groups, however, for younger homeschooled kids, Applesauce Day is a fantastic pick. Although it’s only available in hardcover, this format ensures longevity, allowing the book to be passed down and cherished for generations.

In conclusion, Applesauce Day offers a captivating story that highlights a wholesome, family-oriented activity. If you’re looking to create lasting memories with your young homeschooled kids while encouraging their love for reading, this book is well worth considering.

Apple Picking Day! (Step into Reading)

This delightful book is a must-have for young homeschoolers who love to explore apple picking adventures in a fun and engaging read.


  • Ideal for preschool to grade 1 level readers
  • Beautiful illustrations that capture children’s attention
  • Simple, short sentences perfect for beginners


  • May be too simplistic for some older children
  • Teaches that worms are gross, a potentially negative message
  • Not very diverse in terms of vocabulary words

Apple Picking Day! is a fantastic addition to any young homeschooler’s reading journey. Focused on the preschool to grade 1 level readers, this book will charm your child with its beautiful illustrations and short sentences, keeping their attention until the end. The storyline is simple yet enjoyable, following two children as they embark on a fun-filled day of apple picking.

However, this book might not be suitable for every child. Some parents have expressed concerns about the book’s portrayal of worms as gross, which may inadvertently teach that bugs are bad. Additionally, the vocabulary used in the book may not be diverse enough to challenge older or more advanced readers.

Overall, Apple Picking Day! is a lovely choice for young homeschoolers seeking a fun and engaging read during apple picking season or any time of year. Its delightful illustrations, straightforward sentences, and captivating story will surely make it a favorite among preschool to grade 1 readers. For those seeking more diverse vocabulary or more complex storylines, there might be other options available. But for a charming and enjoyable reading experience that can be shared with the whole family, Apple Picking Day! is certainly worth considering.

Apples, Apples, Apples

A delightful and educational book for young homeschooled kids to learn and enjoy everything about apples.


  • Engaging illustrations
  • Educational content on apples
  • Includes recipes and activities


  • Targeted more for preschoolers
  • Simple story
  • Might not hold older kids’ attention

In “Apples, Apples, Apples”, author Nancy Elizabeth Wallace successfully creates an engaging learning experience for young homeschooled kids. You will find that the bright and colorful illustrations instantly draw your child’s attention, making it an enjoyable read for both of you. As you flip through the pages with your little one, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover various fun facts about apples.

While reading the book, you’ll notice that its educational content is presented in a child-friendly manner, allowing your young kid to easily grasp the different apple varieties, the parts of an apple, and even the life cycle of an apple tree. This makes “Apples, Apples, Apples” a great tool to incorporate into your homeschooling curriculum, especially during the autumn season when apples are abundant.

In addition to the wonderful illustrations and educational content, the book also includes recipes, sayings, and a song related to apples. These extra elements provide opportunities for you and your child to engage in hands-on activities, like making applesauce together – a perfect way to make learning more interactive and fun.

However, it’s worth noting that the simple story and content might be more suitable for preschool-aged children. Some older kids may not find it as engaging or challenging. Despite this minor drawback, “Apples, Apples, Apples” is definitely a valuable addition to your homeschooling resources, and it’s worth considering for its educational and engaging content that celebrates all things apple-related.

My Little Golden Book About Johnny Appleseed

A delightful and educational read about the legendary Johnny Appleseed that you and your young homeschooled kids will enjoy.


  • Engaging and informative storytelling
  • Beautiful and charming illustrations
  • Perfect for young readers aged 2 to 6


  • A little bit small text size
  • Slightly short read with only 24 pages
  • Limited to English language only

My Little Golden Book About Johnny Appleseed is an endearing book that introduces the historical figure of Johnny Appleseed to young children. You’ll appreciate the simple yet engaging storytelling, as it captivates your child’s curiosity and encourages their love for reading.

The illustrations by Genevieve Godbout are vibrant, enchanting, and bring the story of Johnny Appleseed to life. You’ll find yourself admiring the lovely images as you read along with your child, and it adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Despite the somewhat small text size, the book overall is easy to read and comprehend for kids within the intended age range. I found it to be a great addition to our homeschool curriculum, especially when teaching about famous American figures.

Though this book is only 24 pages long, it gives a concise summary of Johnny Appleseed’s life, achievements, and contributions to American history. Your young homeschooled child will enjoy the quick read and learn valuable lessons on helping others, perseverance, and kindness as told through the tale of Johnny Appleseed.

In conclusion, My Little Golden Book About Johnny Appleseed is an excellent choice for young homeschooled kids, providing engaging storytelling and charming illustrations. Enjoy this delightful read with your child as they learn about an important figure in American history.

Apples (New & Updated Edition)

An informative and captivating read, perfect for young homeschooled kids eager to learn about apples and their significance in our world.


  • Engaging illustrations and content
  • Includes a fun recipe and lesson
  • Works well for homeschooling curriculum


  • Might be too simplistic for some readers
  • Limited to apples, not a broader overview of fruits
  • May not suit children older than 6 years

As you dive into this beautifully illustrated book, Apples (New & Updated Edition) by Gail Gibbons, you’ll appreciate the detailed yet easy-to-comprehend approach it takes to educate young homeschooled children about apples. This book not only covers the basics of apples but also captivatingly weaves in the story of Johnny Appleseed and the changing of seasons.

You’ll love how the author presents the information in a manner that perfectly connects with young readers, making it an excellent addition to your homeschooling materials. In addition, the accompanying apple pie recipe adds an interactive, enjoyable element while reinforcing the importance of hands-on learning.

Though Apples (New & Updated Edition) is perfect for the target age range of 3 to 6 years old, you might find the content too simplistic or singularly focused on apples for older children or those seeking a broader understanding of fruits. Despite this, it remains a valuable resource in educating little ones about apples, their growth, and their place in history.

Ten Apples Up On Top!

Engaging and fun, Ten Apples Up On Top! is a fantastic read for young homeschooled kids learning to count and seeking a lighthearted story.


  • A whimsical story that captivates young readers
  • Simplistic vocabulary perfect for preschool to grade 2
  • Countless opportunities for accompanying activities


  • Book size might be too small for younger hands
  • Risk of pages ripping if not supervised
  • Some parents may find it overly simplistic

When you’re looking to grab a book that can engage your young homeschooled child, Ten Apples Up On Top! definitely catches their attention with a silly, yet memorable tale. As a counting story filled with imagination, children can learn the concept of numbers while delighting in the journey each character navigates to keep their apples from tumbling down.

You’ll appreciate the vocabulary in this book, as it’s straightforward and easy for children between the ages of 2 and 5 to understand. There are plentiful resources, such as Pinterest, to help you come up with engaging activities that correlate with the book’s theme, making the learning experience even richer for your child.

However, be aware that the book itself may not be ideal for very young or rough handlers. The size and the delicate pages could make it susceptible to damage if left unsupervised in the hands of an eager toddler. Keep this in mind as you introduce Ten Apples Up On Top! to your young reader.

Overall, Ten Apples Up On Top! is a wonderful addition to your collection of apple-themed books, perfect for teaching counting and inspiring creativity. The potential drawbacks regarding the book’s size and fragility are minor when weighed against the captivating storyline and educational benefits.


All in all, apple-themed books provide an engaging and wonderful opportunity for young homeschooled kids to expand their reading interests. The stories you’ll find within these books not only offer great entertainment but also help your child learn important life lessons and develop their love for reading.

By including apple-themed books in your homeschooling curriculum, you’re encouraging healthy reading habits while engaging your child’s imagination. These stories can even inspire your child to explore more complex topics in the future. Remember to choose books that are age-appropriate and align with your child’s interests and abilities.

In summary, incorporating apple-themed books in your homeschooling activities will add a sweet and fruitful flavor to your child’s education. Don’t be surprised if they become a favorite part of your child’s reading journey and create lasting memories for both you and your little one. 

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